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NDT Services: Power Generation

Flow Iron Recertification

flow iron recertification

TechKnowServ Corporation’s Mobile Re-certification team provides Flow line and Valve maintenance, Repair, Ultrasonic Thickness (UT), Magnetic Particle (MT) and Hydrostatic Testing (HT) at any location required by the client to promptly return iron investment to service.

Well Pad Inspections

flow iron recertification

TKS offers well pad inspections in line with industry standards across all areas of the well pad.

Flow Iron Asset Management

flow iron recertification

TechKnowServ’s Frac Iron Asset Management database (FIAM) is currently tracking over 15,000 iron parts for our customers and their clients.

Pipeline Inspection

pipeline inspection

TKS specializes in the nondestructive testing of pipelines with long-range ultrasound.

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