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Well Pad Inspections

well pad


Inspections satisfy API 571 Piping Inspection Code:

  • 602, 1002, 1502 flow line

  • Sour and standard service

  • Line Pipes Pressure Vessels


Pressure Vessels

Inspections satisfy API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code:

  • Sand Traps

  • 2 & 3-Phase Separators

  • Heater Treaters

  • Line Heaters

  • Dehydration Contact Towers

  • Coalescing Filter Separators o Surge Tanks

  • Pressurized Storage Tanks Storage Tanks


Storage Tanks

Acoustic Emission Testing of Valves

Inspections satisfy API 653 & STI SP001 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection Code: Compliant

  • Brine Tanks

  • Slop Tanks

  • Water Storage Tanks

  • Fuel Storage Tanks


Continuous Monitoring of Weld Pad Equipment

  • Wireless UT monitoring in high erosion areas wear blow out occurs

    • Measurement accuracy of +/- 0.0004”

    • Record reliable, repeatable and credible material loss due to corrosion and erosion as a function of time

    • Remotely take readings on demand or on an established reporting schedule

  • Vibration monitoring and analysis

    • Wireless vibration and temperature sensors are installed on equipment to track the real-time condition of equipment on the well pad during drilling operations.

    • Accurate analysis directly predicts system repairs requirements which results in significant cost savings

  • Leak and Fatigue Crack Detection using Acoustic Emission

    • Monitor valves for leaks

    • Detect leaks in real-time

    • Detect fatigue related flaws

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