NDT Services: Advanced NDT

Rope Access Inspection

steel cylnder.JPG

TKS specializes in provided Level 1 and 2 Rope Access Technicians (RATS) qualified in advanced NDT. 

Phased Array Ultrasound PAUT


TKS has been performing phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) and time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) for over 15 years on bridge pins, welds and high pressure cylinders. 

Acoustic Emission


Use Acoustic Emission (AE) testing to inspect your pressure vessels in-service.  Detect fatigue cracks, corrosion fatigue cracks, stress corrosion cracking and other in-service related flaws. 

Remote Visual Inspection


TechKnowServ now offers RVI (remote video inspection) for internal tank inspection.  RVI is a new technology that allows complete internal tank inspection without the need to excavate the tank or use trained manpower for a visual inspection.

Magentic Flux Leakage MFL


Wire rope is fatigued through complex stress states over its lifetime and must guarantee the safety of human life and expensive equipment.