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NDT Services: Transportation

Wire Rope

wire rope

TKS provides magnetic flux leakage, ultrasonic, acoustic emission, and visual inspection services on wire rope and steel bridge cables. 

Steel Bridges

steel bridge testing

TKS specializes in the nondestructive testing of fracture critical bridge components including eye bar pins, trunnion shafts, guide rollers, link pins, and bearing pins in steel bridges.

Rail Flaw Detection

rail flaw detection

TKS’ long range ultrasonic technology (LRUT) for rail inspection is designed to be retrofitted onto Hy-Rail vehicles.

Bridge Pile

bridge pile

TKS has developed innovative ultrasonic technology to inspect underwater or underground bridge and sheet pile without the need for divers or excavation.  

Thermite Weld Inspection

rail test

Comprehensive testing services for assuring quality of welds of all types of rails manufactured to current AREMA specifications. 

Reinforced Concrete Inspection

concrete inspection

NDT techniques to concrete: GPR, impact echo testing, half cell potential testing, Schmidt hammer testings, and Eddy current testing.

Dam and Spillway

dam and spillway

Dams are complex structures that require frequent inspection by experts to ensure safe and uninterrupted service.  TKS performs inspection of spillway gates and other dam apparatus using a variety of NDE methods.

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