Flow Iron Recertification

TechKnowServ Corporation’s Mobile Re-certification team provides Flow line and Valve maintenance, Repair, Ultrasonic Thickness (UT), Magnetic Particle (MT) and Hydrostatic Testing (HT) at any location required by the client to promptly return iron investment to service.


The Mobile Recert team will spend as much time on client site as needed. Every item of flow iron equipment will be properly assessed, rebuilt, and recertified for service.


Level 1 Inspection – Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement, Take Wings Off, Clean Wing End & Thread End, Magnetic Particle Testing & Banding.

Level 2 Inspection – Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement, Take Wings Off, Sandblast, Magnetic Particle Testing, Band, Pressure Test & Paint.

Level 3 Inspection – Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement, Take Wings Off, Sandblast, Disassemble Completely, Magnetic Particle Testing, Band, Re-assemble, Pressure Test & Paint.


Mobile Recertification System Features:

  • Pressure Test Station with full test capability to 30,000 psi; Test set up for valves and integral connections

  • Magnetic Particle Testing: Electromagnetic Yoke magnetization; Wet Fluorescent Particles; Black light

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection: State of the art thickness gages; Dual element transducer

  • Gas powered air compressor disperses 40 cubic feet per minute

Visual Inspection

Keeps surfaces free of erosion, corrosion and irregularities. Includes complete visual inspection and assessment of inside bores in all flowline equipment, terminal connections, and seal surfaces.


Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements

Precisely measures multiple critical areas in each piece of equipment to detect erosion and determine if wall thickness meets specifications.


Cleaning of wing end and thread end


Magnetic particle test (MT)

A magnetic field is induced in the component being tested using a yoke. Fluorescent magnetic articles suspended in water are then applied. If surface discontinuities such as rounding, cracks or other linear discontinuities are present in the parts, they will be detected



Pressure testing up to 30,000 PSI capacity.


Identification and banding

Color-coded or stainless steel bands with serial numbers, pressure ratings and inspection dates, will be applied to all recertified equipment.


Inspection reports

Inspection reports will be available in easy-to-use electronic format. Pressure Test reports is generated using our proprietary testing and datalogging software COMPRESSTM. Customers can also access the reports via an online database.


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