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Reflections on On-line and Remote Non-destructive Testing Training

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Non-destructive testing training courses are often rigorous and time intensive commitments. These courses often follow NDT topical, duration, and examination guidelines published by a multitude of acclaimed organizations within the industry. Among them include the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT), American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and International Standard Organization (ISO).

A substantial market shift occurred in the late 1990s as personal computer based training grew. In the 2000’s, PC based training gave way to cloud based courses that have been offered through a variety of learning management systems (LMS). As of 2020, there is a plethora of excellent commercial products available to the NDT professional seeking training in the NDT field. Many of these courses have an associated fee. There are, however, many free educational resources available to the NDT training consumer.

There are quite a few reasons as to why an aspiring or current professional would pursue NDT training. Among the most common influences for such pursuits include qualification for prospective employment, advancing an existing NDT career position, qualification and retention of NDT certification, and preparation for performance demonstration qualification (NDT PDQ). There are a number of government regulations pertaining to public safety and product quality that are relevant to NDT technicians. Outside of regulations, there are also universally accepted standards for training in NDT - especially inspection criteria and qualifications.

The success of the NDT training experience is dependent on three rather obvious factors. These being the individual’s desire to learn, the NDT instructor’s proficiency level and professionalism, and quality of the NDT training course content. Having said that, an NDT training experience that is dictated by the NDT instructor and course content should be as dynamic as possible to provide maximum impact for the NDT student.

TECHKNOWSERV CORP.’s remote NDT training classes emphasize the NDT instructor’s proficiency and quality of the NDT training course content with the expectation that the NDT student is willing to learn new concepts and work outside his or her comfort zone. Our staff boasts a certified Level III instructor with over 20 years of experience in the field of NDT. This staff in tandem with a thorough curriculum throughout our coursework makes for an ideal training experience for learners of all proficiency levels.

We provide numerous training courses in the following subjects: Acoustic Emission Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Phased Array Ultrasound Testing (PAUT), TFM/FMC, and Flow Iron Recertification. As an example of our course progression, consider our training course in Ultrasonic Testing. The first Level of the course is designed to provide introductory material for those with a minimal background in ultrasonic testing. An intro to theory and instrumentation is covered. Using multimedia training tools, we are capable of explaining pertinent ultrasonic NDT testing principles in great detail. Level two goes on to focus more on materials, theories such as Snell’s Law, ultrasonic inspection applications, and manufacturing processes. A look into Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing is given throughout this 40-hour course. Many of our courses, including those in Acoustic Emission training and Magnetic Particle Testing are offered in this two step approach.

The structure of courses such as those that we provide are intended to first yield an introductory glimpse into the material, then progress into many of the everyday applications of these NDT methods. Students will learn from ASNT Level III qualified individuals. It is imperative to learn from staff members that are experienced both in the field and as instructors. It is implied that instructors must hold the title qualifications and certifications to teach in NDT. Many would consider it adequate for instructors to hold formalities such as certifications. It is necessary, however, for instructors to attain sufficient social skills, teaching skills, and knowledge in proper presentation of material. The strongest NDT training courses are those that are rooted in two way interaction. Conversational based learning is best interwoven with direct elaboration from instructors to learners.

Choosing to train with TKS provides numerous advantages as opposed to other services in the industry. Firstly, TKS is a fully approved Olympus NDT training partner. Additionally, it is essential for our educational specialists to provide field services in addition to their role as classroom instructors. Having said that, consumers of our training programs receive both a theoretical and practical view of NDT. Furthermore, TKS gives participants a remote learning option that includes a remote practical test. If remote work is not preferred, we offer a hybrid option that blends the remote coursework with an in person experience.

TechKnowServ Corp has proven to be a reliable source of NDT knowledge and training. Our experienced staff understands the nuances that come with teaching within the NDT field, and they are more than willing to go the extra mile for each individual participant in our training sessions. Our staff members are so adept with the learning process within the field due to their own career paths in NDT.

We encourage any and all prospective NDT learners to browse our extensive course catalogue. Our wide array of subject matter is more than sufficient to assist in teaching individuals of all proficiencies and NDT knowledge.

Non-destructive Testing Subject Matter Expert

Thomas R. Hay, Ph.D., P.E. and ASNT Level 3 #107162 has over 20 years of NDT experience and thousands of hours of training experience. He received his Ph.D. from Penn State University’s prestigious Ultrasonic Lab and has been an ASNT Level 3 since 2001. Additionally, he is a practicing P.E. in U.S. and Canada.

His career started in NDT product development building automated ultrasonic and eddy-current inspection solutions.

After many years in product development he spent more than a decade performing R&D at the highest levels for different clients including the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Transport Research Board, and Department of Transportation.

In parallel he has led an engineering and non-destructive testing service line for a variety of clients world-wide. As of 2020, Dr. Hay has over 400 clients worldwide.

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