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Iron Tracking Database - Flow Iron Analytics

TKS’s total flow iron asset management database includes Flow Iron AnalyticsTM (FIA) which currently monitors over 30,000 flowback, frac, and iron parts for our customers and their clients in the Marcellus, Utica, Permian, Eagle Ford, and other major shale plays. Launched in February 2014, the FIA tracking system was developed specifically to give our customers a platform to track iron pieces, recertification requirements, and test results. This database has proven to be an asset to the Oil and Gas industries by ensuring that iron parts used in the industry are recertified properly and are safe and up to date on their recertification requirements. This database enables our customers to enter and track all pieces of new and recertified iron owned by a client. Not only does the database serve as a way for a client to track their new iron assets, but also as a place to record test results for each piece of recertified iron. Pressure test results can be uploaded to the database and an historical record is available for each test performed on a recertified part. To ensure parts are tested at the required intervals, an automated email can be set up to remind the client a recertification test is due 30 days prior to expiration. The Flow Iron Asset Database provides flowback, frac, and other iron recertification shops with a comprehensive database populated to manage recertified iron reporting documentation. The following are key features of the database:

o Upload of Certificate of Compliance (COC)

o Upload of Mill Inspection Report (MIR)

o Upload Hydro-static Report

o NDT report generation

o Part Manufacturer

o Part Types

o Part Number

o Serial Number

o UT Min Wall Thickness

o Picture of Part

o Automated email alerts for past due recertifications

o Generation of unit inventory summaries

o Asset location by unit or serial number

o Future RFID capability

TKS’s database is dynamic with existing part information updated continuously and new part information being added routinely. This database allows our customers to save time and money by continuously monitoring the overall health of their recertified iron assets. Ensuring proper documentation of recertified iron is crucial to the overall safety of the industry and everyone involved.

TKS has recently added two new features to the iron tracking database. TKS is constantly monitoring and gathering feedback from customers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. TKS understands that the industry is constantly changing, and adaptations will have to be made to the iron tracking database to ensure that it is providing the best service to our customers. The two new features added are customizable part report generations and our quick part edit feature. Both new features to the iron tracking database are featured above and below.

This database allows your company to accurately and reliably monitor your customers recertified assets. If you are interested in learning more about our iron tracking database please visit us at

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