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Steel Bridge Testing

steel bridge testing

TKS specializes in the nondestructive testing of fracture critical bridge components including eye bar pins, trunnion shafts, guide rollers, link pins, and bearing pins in steel bridges. Our certified ultrasonic nondestructive testing personnel provide complete volumetric coverage of pin shoulders, barrels, and shear planes from the exterior faces of the bridge pins. Our technology complements bridge maintenance programs by providing quantitative data on fatigue cracks, wear grooves at shear planes, pitting clusters, and general corrosion.


TKS uses conventional ultrasonic and advanced phased array ultrasonic technology to scan the full volume of bridge pins.


Our American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) certified inspectors have complementary training in fall protection, highway safety, railway safety, and confined space safety. With over 100 bridges tested to date, we have a proven track record for high quality nondestructive testing services and safety.

Deterioration mechanisms include:

  • External corrosion,

  • Internal corrosion,

  • Abrasion,

  • Static and dynamic mechanical stresses, and

  • Wear

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