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Remote Visual Inspection

remote visual inspection

TechKnowServ now offers RVI (remote video inspection) for internal tank inspection.  RVI is a new technology that allows complete internal tank inspection without the need to excavate the tank or use trained manpower for a visual inspection.

RVI is safer and more economical for the consumer.  Our remote video inspections meet Federal EPA standards and produce a more complete and accurate assessment of tank corrosion than what can be expected of a manual inspection where an estimate of tank deterioration is based only on a percentage of the tank that was visually inspected.  RVI produces high-resolution images and videos of all tank surfaces for later analysis.  Our cost-effective technology reduces down-time and requires no physical damage to the tank or disruption of the surrounding area. RVI technology involves the insertion of a small remote video camera into the tank through the fill pipe which can be manipulated remotely via a monitor.  The operator can control the camera for optimal lighting and pan each surface to record high quality images of all internal surfaces for analytical review by our trained technicians.

TKS can perform internal tank inspections using remote visual cameras and robotics.  Our imaging technology is a Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera with a standard 110-foot cable length that allows the camera head to be submerged to depths of 100 feet. It has 360 degrees of Pan and 110 degrees of Tilt movement. The camera module boasts a 40:1 variable zoom.  It also includes a durable, waterproof shipping case for transporting safely worldwide.
Through the use of RVI, tanks can now be scheduled for maintenance based on condition rather than being scheduled based on a time interval.  


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