Spherical Tank Inspection

Storage tanks can contain large quantities of dangerous materials whose release can have major consequences:

  • endangering personnel,

  • polluting the environment, and

  • interrupting business.

TKS specialize in providing Acoustic Emission (AE) testing of Spherical Storage Tanks and also the related Visual Inspection (VI).

The testing procedure used for measuring, recording, analyzing, and interpreting acoustic emission activity from cracks and discontinuities in liquid filled atmospheric and low pressure storage vessels conform to the following standards:

ASTM E 1930 “Standard Practice for Examination of Liquid-Filled Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Metal Storage Tanks Using Acoustic Emission”

ASTM E 569 “Standard Practice for Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Structures During Controlled Stimulation”

WINS’ AE spherical tank inspection services are undertaken while the tank remains in-service and offers the client the following economic benefits:

* Minimal pre-inspection tank preparation
* Tanks that are not structurally deficient remain in service.
* Structurally deficient tanks are ranked in terms of damage and prioritized for maintenance
* Leaks are detected early, minimizing environmental damage

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