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Past Projects

TechKnowServ has performed hundreds of infrastructure assessment projects over the last decade for various government agencies and private sector clients, including:

- U.S. Navy

- U.S. Air Force

- United States Army Corps of Engineers

- Department of Energy

- Department of Transportation

- Transportation Research Board

- U.S. Bureau Land Reclamation

- National Science Foundation, and

- Numerous state Department of Transportations (DOTs)


Some of the projects include Coulee Dam, Lower Monumental Dam, Ice Harbor Dam, Francis E Walter Dam, Fort Randall Dam, Blue Marsh Dam, Lindsey C. Boggs Dam, Chief Joe Dam, Albeni Falls Dam, Lower Granite, Little Goose and J Bennett Johnson Waterway. During these jobs, TKS inspected structures such as stop logs, lock miter gates, lock tainter valves, and service bridges.


Listed below is a small sampling of TKS’ infrastructure assessment projects.


Quality Assurance Services in Omaha District

Tainter Gate Repairs Oahe Dam, South Dakota


Description of Services

  • TKS-certified welding inspectors (CWIs) assessed the effectiveness of the design-build contractor’s quality control program

  • Verified compliance with the American Welding Society D1.5 Bridge Welding Code.















Major Northeast Refinery

Advance Nondestructive Testing Services – Guided Wave Inspection


Description of Services

  • Support of the American Petroleum Institute (API) 571 Piping Inspection Code

  • Above-ground pipeline inspection

  • Insulated pipeline inspection

  • Below-ground pipeline inspection




Recertification of U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) Helium, Air,

 Mixed Air DOT 107A pneumatic pressure vessels in Panama City, FL.


Description of Services

  • TKS provided:

  • Certified personnel and acoustic emission testing equipment

  • Expertise required to perform Visual Testing (VT) and Acoustic Emission Examination (AE) of seventy-two (72) DOT 107A pneumatic pressure vessels located at the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU).






Advanced Nondestructive Testing Services – Wire Rope Inspections

Hollywood, CA


Description of Services

  • Monthly visual inspection of wire rope for wire breaks and cross-sectional area loss

  • Monthly magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection of wire rope for external and internal wire breaks and loss of metallic area (LMA)









Advanced Nondestructive Testing of Fatigue Critical Structures

Milton, PA


Description of Services

  • Nondestructive testing fracture critical bridge pins.

  • Phased array was used to inspect bridge pins for shear plane failure, wear, corrosion, and fatigue cracks.





Large Shipyard Norfolk Virginal

Ultrasonic Survey of Ship Hull and Caisson

Norfolk, VA

Description of Services

  • Thickness mapping of marine structures per American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

  • The project included manual ultrasonic thickness gaging and robotic crawler inspection.







Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)

Advanced Nondestructive Testing of Aboveground Storage Tanks



Description of Services

  • Acoustic emission testing in support of API-653 inspections

  • Guided wave inspection in support of API-570 inspections

  • Pressure vessel inspections

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