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NDT Service, Training, and Engineering Support

TKS provides advanced and conventional non-destructive testing services. Expertise includes acoustic emission testing, phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT), guided wave ultrasonic testing (GWUT), and magnetic flux leakage (MFL).


TKS provides regularly scheduled NDT training classes.  Receive NDT training from instructors with real field experience. Download our NDT Training catalog today, or contact us to schedule NDT training.

Carton on wooden pallet was scanned RFID


Our company is at the forefront of innovation in the NDT field. We use the latest, most advanced, non-destructive testing technologies to obtain accurate and efficient data.

Our engineers are always developing better ways for our clients to collect, store, and analyze non-destructive testing data so that they can run their business safely and effectively.


TKS offers a wide range of NDT training services, from hands-on training in our classroom to instructors at your location. We offer in-depth classes with experts who work hard to ensure students' success. 

Each of our NDT Training Courses is a certifying course in line with industry standards, allowing students to walk away with full credentials to perform inspections under their new qualifications. Ask about our Phased Array Training classes today!

The inspector is testing with magnetic p

We offer a broad range of services to accommodate all your NDT needs.  We provide conventional and advanced NDT, which includes phased array ultrasound, guided wave ultrasound, and acoustic emission testing. 

TKS serves over 400 non-destructive testing clients in the U.S. and Canada. South America and beyond.

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