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Wirerope Inspection

wire rope testing

TKS inspects marine wire rope in accordance with :


  • ISO 4309:2010 Wire Rope: Care and maintenance, inspection and discard

  • ASTM E 1571: Standard Practice for Electromagnetic Examination of Ferromagnetic Steel Wire Rope and

  • DIN EN 12927-6: Safety requirements for cable way inspections designed to carry persons


And other relevant standards using magnetic flux leakage, ultrasonic, acoustic emission, and other visual techniques. Cross-sectional area loss is a measure to assess a severity rating for the cable.


Decrease in Cross-Sectional Area (CSA) due to corrosion or wire breaks Severity Rating

6 x ø (~ 1 lay)30 x ø500 x øDescriptionLevel

< 2%< 4%< 10%Slight1

2% – 4%4% – 6%10% – 18%Medium2

4% – 5%6% – 8%18% – 21%High3

5% – 6%8% – 10%21% – 25%Very High4

≥ 6%≥ 10%≥ 25%Discard5


Severity RatingRecommendations

1Maintain current NDT inspection interval

2Increase NDT inspection interval

3Perform follow-up NDE in critical locations (visual, AE, etc…)

4Continuous monitoring using AE

5Retire from service/replace

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