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Power Piping Inspection

pipe inspection

Steam Line Inspections:

TKS engineers and nondestructive testing technicians have power piping inspection experience with conventional testing methods and advanced techniques like phased array ultrasound and time-of-flight diffraction.

Main steam, hot reheat, and cold reheat lines girth welds, seam welds, and elbows are inspected for creep damage, fatigue cracks, corrosion, wear, and other service related flaws.

TKS has experience with:

  • Tube samples for remaining life creep life

  • Visual testing

  • Video internal testing

  • Ultrasonic thickness gaging

  • Replicas

  • Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) inspection

  • Wet fluorescent magnetic particle inspection

  • Eddy current testing

  • IRIS inspection

  • Metallurgical analyses

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