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Certified Weld Inspection

rope access testing

TKS’ CWI inspectors are certified by the American Welding Society (AWS) to perform weld compliance inspections.  The current versions of AWS publication D1.1 and D1.5 are used for flaw identification and classification.  TKS inspectors verify that:

  • AWS prequalified welding procedures and guidelines are being followed.

  • All welding sequences being followed as per the approved welding procedure.

  • Preheat requirements are being followed for all critical welds per approved welding procedure.

  • All welder certifications are current and the appropriate welder is making the welds.

  • Perform random pre-weld inspection to verify the surface to be welded and the filler material to be used.

  • Perform visual inspections of welding process to ensure the correct interpass temperature, root angle and width, cleaning requirements, welding speed, etc. are being met per the approved WPS.

  • Proper electrode usage and storage conditions are adequate.

  • Proper weld cool down process is being implemented for all critical welds.

  • For heavy weldments, verify joint fit-up and joint preparation.

  • All bevel weld splices are using runoff tabs and have been properly cut off and ground smooth after weld completion.

  • All gaps in member splices have been properly shimmed and welded.

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