1. Yes, TechKnowServ (TKS) has several courses in all of the different methods of nondestructive testing (NDT) which include, acoustic emission (AE: I, II, III), frac iron certification, guided waves (GWUT: I, II), magnetic particle / liquid penetrant testing (MT,PT : I, II), phased array ultrasound (PAUT: I, II), ultrasonic testing (UT: I, II, III), UT thickness testing (UT: II), and UT Weld Inspection.

  2. We offer industry leading flow iron recertification training which includes ultrasound (UT), magnetic particle (MT), visual (VT), and also train students on how to use and calibrate a pressure transducer.

  3. You can receive ASNT/ISO 9712 training through TechKnowServ (TKS). We offer a wide range of nondestructive testing (NDT) classes at our training facility, with industry leading personnel and equipment.

  4. The different methods of nondestructive testing (NDT) TechKnowServ (TKS) offers are ultrasound (UT), visual (VT), magnetic particle (MT), penetrant testing (PT), guided wave (GWUT), magnetic flux leakage (MFL), acoustic emissions (AE), and phased array (PAUT) .

  5. Yes, TechKnowServ (TKS) is able to apply rope access to a variety of inspection services.

  6. There are three levels of NDT of technicians I, II, III, level one being lowest and three the highest. The technician’s placements are based off certifications through employers or the ASNT.  Each of the level of training has different field work hour requirements per method of nondestructive test (NDT), well as written and practical exams for each. We personally train our technicians in house, to the industry standards as to ensure the integrity and reliability as a product.

  7. Nondestructive testing (NDT) is an inspection process that does not damage the test part.  It accesses the life expectancy and reliability of the piece of equipment being inspected. The testing helps to keep your industry processes running safely and efficiently. There are a wide array of industry applications including Oil and Gas, Construction, Military, Power generation, and various others.